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Welcome to, a community-based site dedicated to four wheelers sized for youth and beginner riders specializing in off-brand 4 wheeler Info, parts, and troubleshooting.

Smaller capacity ATV's, those sized at 50cc, 90cc, 100cc, 125cc, and 250cc, exploded onto the off-road scene twenty years ago., Many value priced brands emerged from China and Taiwan only to disappear a short time later.

Some brands of Chinese quads, in particular, have come and gone almost overnight. Use the community resources to troubleshoot and find obsolete parts.

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Youth Quad Forum

Eddie on his quad
First off, by no means do we make the claim to be the number one quad maintenance expert. This site is meant to provide a meeting grounds for owners of kids quads to discuss them, ask questions, swap parts and ideas, or simply get information. In a nutshell, it is a learning experience for everyone involved. We recently launched a youth quad forum.

There is a lot of frustration over parts and support for many of these import models. Companies fold up on a regular basis and unfortunately they also change names and leave consumers without the ability to get parts. I've decided to revolve the site around any information I could scrape up and I have added a new forum which is geared toward all brands of kid's quads.

This includes the major brand names such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, and Yamaha ATV's, as well as smaller scale brand names such as Kasea, Redcat, and Kazuma ATV's. The forum also provides an ideal format for those looking for parts and information on brands that no longer exist.

These low budget ATV companies, mostly from China and Taiwan, are becoming extinct faster than the 100 plus brands of snowmobiles that emerged in the eary 1970's. You'll have an opportunity to view discussions and post questions here as well.

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Question and Answers

Our message boards are a great forum for discussing these quads. Post anything you like, whether you've got a question regarding an ATV from a big name motorcycle company, or smaller, a lesser known manufacturer, or an all together defunct company with hard to find parts.

Ask questions or post comments relating to your experience with these kid's quads and ATV's. Everything from technical questions to comments on customer service from these companies would be fine. Even discuss the new federal laws outlining quad ownership by children.

Selecting the right ATV for your child is an important decision. It can make or break the day when your out on the trail. Remember not to pose specific questions to me because I'm not an expert on kids quads, just a webmaster. Unfortunately company information is limited for many imported atv brands, we have added as much as we could.

Overall, this question and answer type forum can be very helpful in the right situation. We have seen many questions arise about a certain part number being in stock. This is where the going gets tough. Many of these parts are long obsolete and the companies that originally manufactured them have disappeared from earth. It is still the right place to ask, but you may not like the answer you get.

We'll be retiring the QA forum soon, but for now, you can still post questions and comments


We're also looking to build up of kids quad picture gallery. Be sure to send in any quad pics of your child's atv or your child on his or her ATV. Our goal is to document the Chinese ATV. We are requesting pictures of Chinese ATV's to add to the gallery.

These are the problem children of today. the saying goes: "a picture is worth a thousand words", and it is 100% true. If you are the proud owner of an obsolete ATV, please forward some pictures. Some racing pictures would be great as would some pics out on the trail.

We would really appreciate any photos or rare Chinese ATV's. Many of these cheap kid's ATV's are beginning to enter the realm of extinction. If you've got a picture of a rare Chinese ATV, please upload it to our gallery.

We've got a few pictures to start off in our quad picture gallery. You'll find photo submission info there.

On a final note...

We Need Your Input... We would like to compile information on the following kid's ATV manufacturers and we need your help. If you have any info on the following ATV brands please contact us or post to our ATV question and answer forum. We are looking for information such as parts suppliers, manufacturer's website, country of origin, even manufacturer's phone if possible.

Kruz Racing Kids Quads
As time goes on, more of these cheap ATV's disappear from existence, mostly due to cheap construction or something as simple as a lack of spare parts. Any info would be a help.

Here's a list of the brand names in question: Alien, Apollo, Avenger, Big Daddy, Boreem, Dazon, Dirt Devil, EEC, Extreme, Gator, GoScoot, Helix, Hensim, Hi Sun, Linmax, Jackel, Jetmoto, Jianshe, Leopard, Kapco, Maxam, Orion, Predator, Qingqi, Qlink, Ranger, Reptile, RFX, Roketa, RX Motors, Seasang, Shineray, Sunl, Sym, Symco, Tao, Thunder, transformer, trax, Venom, Wahoo, Wildone, and Yamoto.

Also if your brand is not listed here and you would like to see more information, post your request in our forum as soon as possible.

The Kids Quad Stop is not responsible for opinions, comments, or any posts made to our question.answer forum by its users. If any visitor has any suggestions on how to make this a better site, or if you see any omissions or errors, don't hesitate to contact us at any time. There is so much kid's atv information out there that could could be added here.

Your input on ATV companies is always welcome because the idea behind this site is to discuss the pros and cons of kid's ATV manufacturers as well as the spare parts dilemna that faces the owners of the obsolete quads.